Cambria Rally XVII
Cambria Rally XVII

Join us for the Cambria Rally!

Cambria Rally When and Where
The Cambria Rally for 2019 takes place from August 1st through August 3rd.  Ground zero will once again be the Cambria Palms.


For 2019, the Cambria Rally will be returning to all of its former glory.  This will include a benefit barbecue, raffle, dealer participation, ride pins and the bark off.  


The Event
Cambria was originally started by the NorCal Presidents as a way for New Triumph Bonneville owners and enthusiasts of all British motorcycles from both Northern and Southern California to meet each other in person.  The chemistry and vibe for this incredible event has been laid back, fun and exciting.


No Registration This Year!
Registration for 2019 is not required Just show up.


No Registration Fee
There will not be a registration fee this year. 


For 2019, you are responsible for all of your own meals.  We will be selling BBQ tickets on Saturday night, with all the proceeds going to benefit local charities.


No Event Shirts
After much discussion, there will be no event T-shirts offered.  Most riders have indicated that they already have a lot of event T-shirts, and don't need any more.  We may offer other swag as the date draws closer.  If you ordered a shirt during a previous year and didn't receive it, those will either be available at this event or you will receive a refund.


Ride Pins

For 2019, we will be once again offering ride pins.  Only the 1st one hundred people will receive ride pins - first come-first served. 


Your Bike
Although the Cambria Rally was started by owners of Hinckley Triumph Bonnevilles, riders of any motorcycle are welcome to join us.  We strongly encourage you to bring your Hinckley Bonneville, Speedmaster, America, Scrambler, SE, T120 or Thruxton, or at least another British motorcycle.  However you're perfectly welcome to show up on something else, and riders often do.  We're here to have a great time - not bash bikes.


If you would like to attend Cambria, you need to first find a place to stay. There's a lodging list right here


Please remember to be courteous at the Cambria Rally.  Motorcycling is by its very nature more risky than traveling by car, and you are encouraged to ride your own ride, obey the law, make sure your bike is in excellent mechanical condition, is currently registered and insured and that you wear safety gear at all times. 


We're all adults and are responsible for our own safety.   Visit our Rules page for more info.


Also please remember to behave courteously at the campground or motel where you stay so we'll be welcomed next year.


More Info
Interested in attending the Cambria Rally? See the About and Resources pages for more information, and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Want to Register?

No registration is necessary for 2018.  Just show up and enjoy!

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