Cambria Rally XXII 22nd Anniversary
Cambria Rally XXII22nd Anniversary 


Hwy 1 landslide Winter 2022 - will NOT be open by the Rally

As often happens there was another landslide closing Hwy 1 Norther of Cambria and it will NOT be complete before the rally.  See the alternate plan for the Friday usual Bixby Bridge Meetup in the Home page.

XX 2022 - Thanks to Full Circle Fabrications for custom chopper display

Our sponsor FULL CIRCLE FABRICATIONS brought a show-winning custom Triumph chopper build to the Cambria Palms for all of us to marvel at.  Sounded great!

2022 Cambria XX Hwy 1 is OPEN

Currently Hwy 1 is completely open, no closures between Cambria (Hwy 46) and Carmel Valley, only some construction North of Bixby Bridge.  Nothing to impact arriving to Cambria via Hwy 1 or our Friday "Dog Run" ride and gathering at Bixby Bridge.

Cambria XIX Hwy 1 Slide FIXED!

Hwy 1 had another landslide closure south of Big Sur.  HOWEVER the CalTrans has FIXED it early and the road will be open as of April 23rd.  Great job Caltrans!  The normal Dog Run Friday and Bixby Bridge meetup at noon Friday are ON -  See you there!

Cambria XVIII Hwy 1

Hwy 1 is getting resurfacing from about Willow Creek in the South through to Monterey at the North.  It seems about 1/2 complete and should be completed by the Dog Run to Bixby Bridge this October.  No other major work, there might be one or two lights for 1-way sections for repair sections, but hopefully those are completed as well.

Cambria XVII is in the books!

The Cambria XVIII Rally was an informal affair that brought in several new faces.  A great ride around the greater Paso Robles area, lunch at Firestone Walker brewery and some more riding in the vineyard area.  Draw prizes for those who attended.

Cambria XVI was a blast!

The Cambria XVI Rally was a great time!  It included ride pins and swag, a BBQ dinner on Saturday night, the infamous bark off, great rides on Friday and Saturday as well as a raffle. 


The "no registration" format for 2018 worked well.


Rides went smoothly, great food and drink, lots of stories, perfect weather and another one for the books...

Cambria XV was a success!

Thanks to an early opening of PCH, a small, but dedicated group of riders rode into Cambria and prevailed!  We had a great ride up the coast to Bixby Bridge, to meet our compadres from NorCal.  On Saturday, Chuck Kluz led a well-planned and fantastic ride through wine country, finishing up at Firestone Walker Brewery. 


In the evening we had a great time at the firepit and held a heartfelt dedication to Sammy. 

Cambria XV is here!

Caltrans has informed us that as of July 18th, the section of Highway 1 at last year's landslide has been restored.  That means that the ride between Cambria and Bixby Bridge is once again on! 


This year's event was touch and go for awhile, so like last year, it will be a throwback to the early days, with no ride pins, T-shirts, registration, dealer participation or other organizational things.  What we will have is a ride to Bixby Bridge on Friday and an organized group ride for Saturday.  We'll still have lots of time sharing stories and showing off bikes at the Palms, and of course some time enjoying what the town of Cambria has to offer. 


If you have any friends or family, be sure and bring them along!

Due to a whole lot of badly needed rain this year, Highway 1 / Pacific Coast Highway has been extensively damaged, especially north of Gordo and through Big Sur.  Since this is the primary route, which the NorCal riders use to ride down to Cambria, and because this constitutes our Friday ride to Bixby Bridge, we've decided to scale the rally way back.  


For 2017, we will be turning the clock back to the first couple years.  At that time, the majority of riders were camping at San Simeon State Park, a few miles north of Cambria. 


With this in mind, there will be no registration, no fees, no organized dinner, no raffle tickets, swag or prizes.  It will just be the few hardcore riders that choose to ride, enjoy time along the beautiful central coast under the stars and share the experience together.


All you really need is a bike, tent, bag and a few sundries.  For those who absolutely must have a motel room, you're welcome to stay in town, but don't sell the camping part of this adventure short. 


Cambria XIV is only one day away!


All of the arrangements have been made and we're ready to go.  This year, the event schedule will remain the same as last year.  If you need a hardcopy of that, just go to the resources tab on this page and print out the schedule.  Or you can simply use your smartphone to access the schedule by bookmarking the page. 


There have been a couple concerns this year.  One is the continued increase in hotel rates.  Everything has gotten more expensive over the past 14 years, including hotel rooms.  Just a reminder that splitting a room is still an economical option.  You can reach out and make contact with other riders to share rooms by either going to the New Bonneville forum on Delphi OR you can simply show up and ask around the Palms Motel.  Chances are, someone there would be happy to split expenses.


The other big concern has been the Sobranes Fire burning around Big Sur.  The fire is only 25% contained and has burned over 45,000 acres.  CalFire reports that they don't expect full containment for another 2 weeks, and the fire line is moving in a South-Eastern direction. 


The concern for us is the Bixby Bridge ride on Friday.  That ride takes us along Highway 1 North, directly through Big Sur and adjacent to several evacuation areas.  PCH around Big Sur is currently open, however several areas off the highway are being used to stage fire crews.  Combined with ongoing construction and one-way controlled traffic, the conditions are far worse than during any previous year. 


We will approach the Bixby Bridge "Scott Forsythe" Memorial Ride on Friday on a wait and see basis.  The last thing we want is to contribute to any traffic delays, especially with firefighters relying on this route to do their jobs. 


You can find information about the fire and road conditions by going here: .


For riders coming down South, I would strongly advise you to consider taking the 101 Freeway instead to arrive at Cambria.


Whether we ride all the way North to Bixby Bridge or decide to stop at some point sooner, such as Lucia, we will definitely ride somewhere fun and challenging on Friday. 


Looking forward to seeing everyone soon!




Cambria XIII was a blast!


Big thanks to everyone who showed up and supported number 13... While the attendance was down a little this year, the vibe and good will was incredible!


Big thanks to Jerry Bodine for setting up the Legion and hosting. Big thanks to Mike from CalMoto for some cool raffle prizes. Same goes to Santa Maria Triumph, Triumph Corporate and a few individual donors. Big thanks to Reed for planning and leading a great Saturday ride. Thanks to the organizing committee, and especially to Nikki for selling raffle tickets.


Great riding, perfect weather, no crashing, good food, excellent bark off (congrats to Scott Feemster!) and our special guests from Triumph and Rider Magazine were amazing.


As Mike spoke about, if you enjoyed Cambria this year, then don't keep it to yourself. Bring a friend or two next year, which is August 4-7, 2016.


For 2016, the Cambria Palms management will hold all the rooms for our group again until July 1st. It doesn't cost anything to place a reservation and several of us have already made ours for next year. Just mention that you're with the Triumph motorcycle group and they'll make your reservation for that weekend.


On the prices, they said they will try to give us a price break next year. For those not sharing a room with anyone, you probably noticed the higher prices this time.


Looking forward to seeing everyone next year...






Cambria XII was perhaps the most perfect one to date! 


The weather was perfect all four days.  Road conditions were excellent!  The rides went without a hitch with a little something for everyone.  No crashes for 2014!  The band Rough House was excellent and did a fine job of keeping everyone entertained on Saturday. 


Thanks to Cal Moto and a few dedicated attendees, we had an excellent raffle with lots of merchandise to give away!  The bark off this year was legendary as all contestants simultaneously barked off following Kari Brashinger's celebrated win.  The roar was loud enough to stop traffic on Highway One. 


And of course there were some fantastic conversations and a fair amount of fire walking going on around the fire pit each night.  Big thanks to everyone who showed up and made this a weekend for the books...



The 11th Annual Cambria Rally Was Perfect!

Ladies and gents - What a fantastic weekend!  Big thanks to ALL of you for attending Cambria in 2013 and continuing to make this my favorite motorcycle event each year.
For those who couldn't drop by this time, we truly missed all of you.  However we did have quite a few new faces this year.  Here were some of the highlights...

  • Final tally for attendees over the 3 days was 66 people.
  • On Friday, we enjoyed 9 large pizzas plus salad and it worked out perfectly.
  • The ride to Bixby Bridge went beautifully and the weather was excellent!
  • The main Saturday ride coordinated by Reed & Clint was a real treat.  Challenging speeds, scenic twisty roads and no crashes!  We had 36 riders for the Saturday ride.
  • The Rocking Scoundrels were simply fantastic Saturday night and were very well received.  We will be doing bands in the future for Cambria.
  • Dinner on Saturday was wonderful.  Kirby gave two paws up to the scraps.
  • Congratulations to Mark Peterson for taking home the bark off trophy!  Big thanks to Scott Feemster, Bill Wilson & Mason Sedlik for serving as judges during the event. 
  • We had so many raffle prizes that I had to take a break and let Mike & Carlos take over.  It took nearly a full hour to award them all, including a new helmet, Triumph Jacket, gift certificates, hats, shirts, patches, flags, banners, signs, tools, parts, accessories and more. 
  • The raffle raised $633 which was all donated to the American Legion for their charity work in Cambria.  Huge thanks to Nikki for selling raffle tickets!

I cannot thank the following folks enough for their contributions and help with the event in 2013...

  • Dealers including TPUSA/South Bay Triumph, CalMoto Triumph and Pro Italia Triumph.
  • Other sponsors such as Triumph, K&N, Iron & Resin & Rider Magazine.
  • Our honored guest:  Mr. Clement Salvadori.
  • The Cambria team:  Jeff Sedlik, Reed Wilson, Clint Bogart, Phil Hawkins, Nikki & Mark Peterson & Jerry Bodine .
  • The American Legion Post #432
  • The Cambria Palms.


Rough House Band Rough House Band - 2014
Rocking Scoundrels - 2013
Cambria XI Fire Pit Fire Pit Gang - 2012

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